My name is José Manuel and I had the opportunity to participate in the EVS project “Discover Unlimited Opportunities” in Žetale. In my first lines I want to speak about reasons to apply for this project: I wanted to live and discover an unknown country for me (I just knew the name), because the activities seemed interesting and because I was fascinated about doing my EVS in idyllic landscape, very different comparing to the one where I live in southern Spain.

Before coming to Slovenia I was very nervous. My level of English was only basic and I was wondering how Slovenian people will accept me. These two points were my biggest concern. First thin when I arrived everybody asked me about my trip. That night in my bed I was happy for the great reception and attention of all the members of Turistično društvo Žetale.

During the first days I met members of the organization. Everyone was ready to talk to us and we planned different activities. Of course, in the integration processes were very important the other two volunteers, Mina from Greece and Izabella from Armenia, who shared this great adventure with me and they introduced a bit more about their countries, too.  Every day we discovered our common points and also our differences but we could discuss and express our opinions with respect.

We spent a lot of time together with coordinators and other members. Every activity was one enriching experience, for example, learning Slovenian language, workshops with children or making handmade products. I’ll always remember delicious foods I tried, drinks and moments to speak about any topic,  funny dances and songs that always will remember my stay there.

I don’t have a bad opinion about the landscapes. Every day I was surprised of discovering Žetale, a village with beautiful places. Trips around Slovenia and other nearby countries were fantastic: mountains, rivers, lakes, castles, roads or each particular building in the villages gave me the opportunity to analyze the small details.

            During some weeks I prepared my personal project “Flags of the world”, one interesting topic for me in which I expanded my knowledge but also I transmitted it to the other members.

Finally, I just want to say how thankful I am to participate and share every minute with the Slovenian and the other two volunteers, I felt like home. Now, I not only know the name, I can speak with my family and friends with complete happiness about this country and their people. Thank you, Žetale. I feel Slovenia.

Jose Manuel Sánchez Díaz