It was of the most beautiful experiences for me. In this nice village ‘’Žetale’’ I discovered treasures that hide the nature like calm, beautiful sounds of bird tweets, natural products, a lot of green and magic landscapes like a fairytale. Except nature, I met local people with nice characters that they were always willing to help us. We spent a lot of time together, in this two months and we learn more about the culture of Slovenia.

 Then, I have to say that I had the best roommates from Armenia and Spain. In this period,  I spent the most of my time with them. To stay with an Armenian sweet girl and with a Spanish “chico” it was the best. We did a lot of different kind of things together. First I will tell you about our teamwork and then about our free time in this beautiful hunting house that calls “LOVSKIDOM”. About our volunteering job, every week, we had to do different kind of project. One of this, it was about handmade products. I like so much this part, I learned how to make earrings and some other constructions, then we went in some fairs and we sold.  Unfortunately, I can’t write every project that we did because I will finish tomorrow my writing but I have to write about our last project. This was about our personal project, especially mine was connecting with one exhibition in Ptuj (one city close to Zetale) which basic topic it was “Discover unlimited opportunities”. The last project it was something special for me, because my hobby is to take pictures. Furthermore, I think that is important to make just a reference for the rest of projects like “Happy thoughts”, workshops for students and children, some activities in Vuk’s homestead, hiking, learning Slovenian, Armenian and Spanish language and promotion of the organization “Turicticno drustvo Žetale”.  However, I can’t forget to say about our free time with locals and lovely roommates. As I said before, it was the best for me. In this house we had a lot of fun. Almost, every night we were watching movies in our room and some locals were drinking downstairs and some other nights we communicate with them for different kind of issues. Also, in the weekends we organized some parties like “waterfestival”, “corn party” etc.

In addition, I have to refer about our survival skills cooking, washing and cleaning between three of us. Every day, each one of us, had a competence about those skills, Izabella was cooking, Jose was washing the plates and me was cleaning. I think that we were the best team. Also, we organized with locals some trips like Croatia, Italy and some other beautiful places of Slovenia like Bled, Piran, Ljubljana,Maribor, Rogaska Slatina, Ptuj, Kulpa etc.

Finally, I have to say that I am so thankful that I had this opportunity to live this experience in Zetale with different kind of people. If I had the second chance to do this, I am sure that I would like to live again this experience.  I really appreciate this opportunity that was given to me, that’s why I suggest to all to take a chance like this and live the most.

Best Regards,

Myrsini -Ioanna Kouloudi , Greece