EVS project in Žetale, Slovenia- 1st July- 28th August 2015

Discover Unlimited Opportunities- My first impress applying for the project was the title itself and that’s the first reason that I was interested in it then reading the description I applied for that.

Žetale! In this calm village we passed our two months EVS. And now when I am writing I remember our life there, every days full of fun and adventures. I never imagine that one day I can miss any place, but not a lot time passed and I already miss that area where we stayed, people and every single connection with Žetale. We visited a lot of places in Slovenia, some cities, villages and touristic places, but this village is a separate from all other places of Slovenia with it’s calmness and beauty.

Every day was full of experiences….the way we lived, the way we worked, our trips, workshops, movie nights and could be also cultural misunderstanding when I tried to explain people about our traditions the way we live in Armenia and finally nobody understood J. Of course it must happen as we grew up in different parts of the world but I think the similar which I found there was humor which always could cover every single problems sometimes raising. I would like also to detach my two friends from Greece and Spain, Mina and Jose. With Greek participant we understood each other very easily and sometimes I thought that she was from my country as there were a lot of similar things like traditional as well as cultural. About our Spanish participant there are a lot to talk and I think if he wasn’t there we would stay there in calm way and without jokes and fun J I can surely say that he was an achievement for me as I met a lot of foreigners, lived with them but he was exception and just to meet this kind of people I would like again to be in exchanges…

Within two months we managed a lot, we did the full project, we travelled, we had rest, participated in some events and after all we went to home. I would like also mention our water festival which we did on the 12th of July, it was also one of the most interesting part of the project and new thing in Slovenia. I am sure that every single person participated in this event will remember it a lot time.

Greetings to all organizers. They did a great job. I am sure that one day I will have chance to meet some of them and we will remember this project and will discuss at the end we discovered unlimited opportunities ?

Izabella Tovmasyan, Armenia